A company based on the foundations of innovation and product development in jute and cotton fabric.
Environmental textiles for a better future.

VAK Exim is a company based on the foundation of innovation and product development in textile and related product lines.

Some of the milestones achieved in a very short period of time:

  1. Made bags for New South Wales (Australia) Rail Corporation – Australian Govt. Tender
  2. Made light weight food grade bags to pack bread crumbs for a major Food Giant in Australia
  3. Pudding cloth, cali-craft and other craft kit products developed for a major Australian Retailer
  4. Developed Environmental erosion control fabric from Jute for an Ecosystem and Plant Management company in Australia and New Zealand


Please see our Service and Quality Standard Charter below:

We believe that many customers have been forced to struggle for years with differing levels of service from other suppliers. From the outset we have achieved a level of service that set us apart from the pack. You can be assured that VAK Exim provides service that others strive to emulate.


Our service objectives

  • To dispatch 95% of our orders within agreed delivery conditions on sales contract.
  • Clear and concise representation of product information to clients.


Quality Control

At VAK Exim our focus is on providing quality products and services to all of our clients.

  • All products to be manufactured as per the guidelines provided by buyers or from internationally approved standards.
  • Special importance is laid on Packing of all products so that when it is received by our clients, it makes sense!
  • Pre-shipment samples are provided upon request
  • No oil, rubbish, or dirt marks on any product
  • Pallets are prepared as per ISPM standard with fumigation certificate
Please feel free to contact us for your enquiries and we shall endevour to come back to you within 24 Hrs.